TOPKLAS security is a fast-growing Security guards company in London established with the prime motive to simplify the process to Hire Security Guards in London. We aim to provide a comprehensive and thorough security service to meet all our customers need. We offer a wide range of security services including manned security (door supervision), key holding, mobile patrol and public surveillance CCTV. We do not only provide the best quality of services, but our services also come with affordable prices. This helps our customers to achieve a high standard of service at the lowest possible cost.

Directly linked with a security training provider TOPKLAS, a professional Security guards company in London, ensures all our security staff undergo the required training and are equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge needed to provide the best of services to our customers. Our security personnel are skilled with evaluating each customer’s need and providing the highest form of security service to their satisfaction. Our staff are vetted and checked with all the accredited body responsible for security and safety to ensure they are in compliant with current legislation regarding and in accordance with the private security industry.

We aim to be at the forefront for anyone who wants to Hire Security Guards in London. Additionally, we aspire to become the leading provider of the highest form of security and safety in the private security industry within the UK and beyond.