Manned Security Services

  • Door Supervision Security
  • Corporate and Residential Concierge
  • Retail and Loss Prevention Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Hotel Security


With crime rate at its peak, it has become essential for organisations, licenced premises and other environments to Hire Security Guards in London and protect itself through the acquisition of trustworthy professionals responsible for the guarding and protections. Our highly trained Security guards company in London manned guarding professionals only not patrol licenced premises, but are proactive enough to take careful measure against crime in and around the licenced premise and properties. A careful selection of the professionals are done in other to suit our clients need and to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. For quality assurance purposes, maximum safety and accurate record keeping, our professionals are provided with all the necessary equipment and accessories including body warn cameras, hi-vi jackets, protective clothing etc to assist them in their operations. Included in our manned guarding security services are Door Supervision services, Corporate and residential Concierge services, Retail and Loss Prevention services, Construction Site Security services and Hotel Security services.


With the current evolution of electronics, technical systems have been put in place at various licenced premises, properties and organisations, security gates and other secured entry environments to facilitate the reduction and prevention of crime and the protection of properties and surroundings. These systems need operating and our highly trained system security professionals are here to assist. Our professionals are equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge needed in the operations of these electronics systems to enhance efficiency. We intentionally accord a significant and reasonable amount of time and effort to training our professionals in the use of these systems and electronics for effective and efficient operation. We carefully chose professionals suitable for our clients need in other to maximise output. Our systems security services include Close Circuit Surveillance (CCTV) operations, Residential and Commercial Security Gate operations, Residential and Commercial Access Control Systems operations among others.

Systems Security Services

  • Close Circuit Surveillance (CCTV) Security
  • Residential and Commercial Gate Operation Security
  • Residential and Commercial Access Control Security

Event Security Services

  • Event Traffic Management & Event Site Security
  • Licenced Bar, Pubs and Night Clubs Security
  • Birthday and Weddings Event Security
  • Funeral Event Security
  • Charity and Fundraising Event Security


Moments of memorable events cannot be underestimated in our lives and it is eminent that we protect ourselves, properties and the entire memorable events from danger and mishap that are sometimes associated with it. Our highly trained event security professionals have been equipped with the knowledge knowhow in resolving conflicts. They are proactive in situations and occurrences and provide a fast and effective solution in order to minimise and prevent unforeseen conflicts during such memorable events. Our carefully selected professionals suitable for each event are also trained to provide assistance should there be any need during such priceless occasions and events. Among the services provided by our event security are Birthday security services, Wedding security services, Funerals security service, event traffic management, event site security services, licenced bar and Pubs security services and Night Clubs security services.